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 Sponsor Partner Spotlight


Judith Salinas, Marketing & Business Development
DebonAir Mechanical


The IFMA SFL chapter is pleased to introduce Judith Salinas with DebonAir Mechanical, one of our chapter’s active Platinum sponsors.  A couple of Judith’s customers, who also are IFMA SFL professional members, include Scripps Research and Pediatric Associates.  She has worked the last four years with DebonAir Mechanical, a premier and client-centered, full-service air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating contractor since 1992.  DebonAir serves Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe counties as well as Florida’s west coast. 

DebonAir Mechanical offers the following expertise and benefits:

  • Alternative designs, additions, and modifications to existing systems
  • Cost-efficient and effective operating systems
  • Highly-trained licensed and certified technicians
  • Process refrigeration
  • Service for all makes and models
  • 24/7 “On-Call” Emergency Services


To learn more about Judith’s career path and DebonAir Mechanical, click on the button below.

Judith was born in Cuba and journeyed to the United States of America in 1998.  She celebrated 22 years of marriage this year and has one 16-year-old son. Some of Judith’s favorite activities include long walks on the beach, volunteering, or spending time with her family and friends.  She also loves dancing and traveling.  Judith currently holds a BS in Supervision and Management, and, shortly, she will likely obtain her professional MBA in Marketing with FIU.  Judith volunteers presently on multiple committees for the IFMA SFL chapter, such as Programs, Newsletter, and Social Media. 

Visit the DebonAir Mechanical website at and our COVID-19 PRESS RELEASE – click here: DebonAir Mechanical COVID-19 Update.


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