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Esther Cosme, Director of Facilities for Greenspoon Marder, joined the South Florida IFMA Chapter in 2016 after she attended a two-day Fred Pryor training on Facilities Management. During the event, the Instructor made the comment “if you need to know more about facilities management, you should join IFMA.” Esther made a note of it to revisit later.

At the time, Greenspoon Marder did not have a Facilities Department and Esther was already managing so many things relating to Facilities that she volunteered to lead and champion the section. When the owners agreed to make her the Facilities Manager (FM), Esther attending the Fred Pryor course learned about IFMA, joined the chapter and attended her first chapter event. The topic was “Hurricane Preparedness”.

The event inspired her to revamp the firm's hurricane preparedness manual. She was managing an antiquated hotline before she became the FM; it was a disaster. During the IFMA event, the speakers discussed text message blasts and how they use them to notify their teams not only in an emergency weather event but also for events that may affect normal business operations.  Esther did her own research on the topic and implemented the text notification system shortly thereafter. Greenspoon Marder currently uses the notification system by Preparis and it has impacted their business in an extreme way.

Esther can notify any, or all, of her 26 nationwide offices regarding routine building maintenance, weather events that can affect opening/ closing times, or even fire drills. Esther says her favorite feature of the Preparis system is the fact that even if she is out to lunch, she can notify anyone from an app on her phone. For example, if there was an active shooter, she can even send on-screen messages that pop up to notify staff of the impending threat. This is an amazing feature that can save lives. She now has the tools to “work smarter not harder.”

Greenspoon Marder’s owners were so impressed by Esther and her initiatives that they promoted her to Director of Facilities a year later. She now heads up the Facilities Management Department for Greenspoon Marder, with management and oversite for 26 locations nationwide. Esther’s scope of work is huge. In addition to her “normal” facilities duties, she handles real estate acquisition and looks for new offices when the company wants to expand; works with the broker during the acquisition process; and implements and executes new property maintenance and project management.

Esther recently obtained her AutoCAD certification and is going to work toward obtaining her FMP and CFM in the future.  IFMA prepared her to have a broader knowledge base. “It’s not just cleaning HVAC units and toilets,” says Esther, “It’s so much more!” IFMA has helped her develop her department and now she has 3 employees working for her to maintain their facilities.

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